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Are you looking for the best juicers? We got covered the best products review, guide, detailed features and performance.

Best Juicers - Guide & Reviews

You have tried different juice extractors, got the best of the information from the so called reliable sources, thrown yourself into the juicing session, but after giving in your best dietary expertise, one thing only seems to be pulling you back; your juicer.

This can be annoying to an extent you feel like you want to get the heck out of the food making crazy business. Well relax, on the contrary, take it easy and you shouldn't. Your juicing is meant to be stress-free, satisfying, rewarding and it should never feel like a boring routine, a chore or a ritual.

Juicing should be fun out of this world. A good juicer should bridge the option of never foregoing your daily juicing to getting ready on time, eager to always make that juice you love.

A step in the right direction; get a model that gets along with your lifestyle. You will come across juice extractors that consume time in cleaning; others are designed just to get your money and walk away.

In this well-choreographed research of the top class reliable models, I throw away all your frustrations once and for all. You juicing should never be the same again.

Introduction To The Best Juicers

There are commonly two types of juicers; centrifugal juicers and masticating juicers. Centrifugal juicers can easily slice your ingredients using a tooth-like blade at its bottom, by rotating a sieve basket to make your juice. In the process of the rotation, the pulp is extracted from your juice.

Without much complexity, your juice is then released into a juicer container, and there you have your juice. They have the ability to adjust a speed of rotation per minute (RPM), to best handle your hard or soft fruits or even vegetables.

They are faster in juicing, with less or no need of taking much of your time to chop off your hard or soft fruits. They are light in weight, easier to clean. Not the best juicers though when it comes soft fruits or vegetables.

They tend to be cheaper. On the other hand, masticating juicers are slow in crushing your fruits or vegetables, able to squeeze the most of the juice leaving your pulp the driest. They use gears pressing against each other.

They are flexible to handle your mincing, nut butter or even your ice cream. They don't produce much noise. You will find them slow and time-consuming in cleaning. But you will have to dig deeper into your pocket as well for this level of quality.

Factors To Consider : When Buying The Best Juicers

To avoid further mistakes and solve your frustrations with regular juicers, the specifications, and features of a juice extractor, are some of the things you have to be keen on.

Regardless of the model that you prefer, ensure the model you buy will most solve your juicing demands. You are definitely on the right track to acquiring the most quality appliance if you take the following into account;


Juicer enthusiasts want their juice, quick, when and where they want it. This is why the speed of the juice extractor, has to be critical. Centrifugal juicers come with two-speed options for you.

You can choose a slow speed, more especially for soft fruits like grapes, to avoid them bouncing out of your juicer tube. Or you can equally go for a higher speed, if you have hard fruits and leafy vegetables like kales.

On top of their unique features, masticating juicers have reverse gears to avoid the pulp creating obstructions for your juice flow.

​Urgency Of Consuming Juice

The speed of making your juice will differently matter from the speed at which you need you juice after it has been made. If you are in a rush, and all you want is consume your juice quickly and dash off, then the centrifugal juicer is meant for you.

This is because they produce some heat when juice mixing, causing some oxidation on your juice, which sometimes can interfere with the intended taste quality of your juice. For sure, the quicker you take it the better.

But, if your love making your fresh juice for storage and take it later, your best partner is a masticating juicer or a double-gear juicer. This is because they don't compromise your juice taste by the effect of heat produced.

​Foam Separator

Imagine making your juice, and the foam of your fruits and vegetables starts mixing with your juice. This can be irritating. Look out for those juicers that come with a jug and a foam separator.

It will separate the foam from your juice, such that your favorite sip remains as pleasant as you intended it to.

​Locking Lid

Most juicers even though they come with a lid, to safely contain the mixing contents in the jug, be very keen to get those juicers with lids that fit into place intact.

​Feed Chute

For those who are new into juicers, these are extra-bigger feeding tubes that allow you to slip into your juicer, fruits in whole or even your apples.

This means you don't need to waste time chopping off the unneeded fruit or vegetable peels. Remember to get a juice extractor with a bigger tube, because the larger it is, the better.

​Drip Stopper Spout

This is a spout that prevents that juice that remains in your juicer, from spilling out to your preparation table or surface after your juicing is done. If you happen to get those spouts that can be spun upwards, to avoid further spillage, they are the best.

​Stabilizer Feet

Ensure your juicer has these small rubber pads that help in keeping it stable and firm, as you about your juice making. We don't like those juicing moments when after putting in all our time and effort.

When almost done to getting our appetizing juice, the juicer slips over, and its contents spill all over.This can be unforgivable. Avoid this by checking your juicer has turgid quality stabilizing feet.


The pusher makes it easier for you to feed your fruits or vegetables into the feed chute, effortlessly, and avoid injuring your fingers. Check out whether your juicer has a smooth pusher for safety. You need your fingers in form as you enjoy your juice.

​Soft-Fruit Disc

We all love a juice with a smooth texture. You will find a soft-fruit disc, especially in centrifugal juicers. The soft-fruit disc allows you put in your soft fruits to your juice, for that thick and smooth texture of your juice.

For masticating juicers, they will solve this problem with their extra wide, juicing sieves. These helps you also maintain your drinks thick and even.

Recommended Best Juicers

​After knowing what features to look out for in the best juicer, the effort will be watered down, if you get even more confused on what juicers are out in the market, with a high level of reliability.

By all means, you can't afford this. With so many models that strike about similar functionalities, but end up failing you, this juice extractors will live up to the delivery anticipated. This will mean too; you focus on quality brands and juicers that take into account, the value of your money into a wider perspective.

After experiencing the service of so many brands in the market, my research closed in on these unbeatable juicers, when it comes to excellent juice making.

  • Breville 800JEXL Juicers
  • Product Dimensions: 17 x 11 x 20 inches
  • Weight: 14.6 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 19.6 pounds
  • Low speed (6,500 RPM)
  • Pulp container, juicing pitcher, and manual
  • Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer
  • Product Dimensions: 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches
  • Weight: 17.6 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 17.6 pounds
  • Low speed of 80 RPMs
  • Warranty: 15-year
  • Super Angel DELUXE Model
  • Product Dimensions: 19.5 x 7.8 x 10.5 inches
  • Weight: 28 pounds
  • Manufacturer: US JUICERS
  • 304 18-8 High Grade Stainless Steel
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Hurom HU-100 Masticating Slow Juicer
  • Product Dimensions: 9.8 x 6.8 x 16.5 inches
  • Weight: 12 pounds
  • Manufacturer: IMPCU Bulk Buys
  • High-speed juicers that grind and crush
  • warranty : 10-year
  • Cuisinart CJE-1000 Die-Cast Juice
  • Product Dimensions: 15.3 x 11.8 x 19 inches
  • Weight: 14 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Cuisinart
  • Includes 2-liter pulp container
  • warranty: 3-year
  • DeLonghi DJE950 Die-cast Juice
  • Product Dimensions: 9.4 x 9.4 x 15.8 inches
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 15 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Delonghi
  • Juice whole apples, pears
  • Jack Lalanne's JLSS Power Juicer
  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 18 x 17 inches
  • Weight: 16.8 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 14.8 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Jack LaLanne
  • Whisper-quiet 3,600 RPM induction motor
  • BLACK+DECKER JE2200B 400-Watt Fruit
  • Product Dimensions: 13 x 9.1 x 13 inches
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Gandhi - Appliances
  • Measures 13 by 9 by 9-inch
  • warranty:2-year
  • Tribest SW-2000-B Slowstar Vertical
  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 18 inches
  • Weight: 18 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Tribest
  • Low speed of 47 RPM
  • 3-Stage speed reduction gears
  • L'Equip 306601 XL Juicer
  • Product Dimensions: 13.5 x 7.2 x 15.5 inches
  • Weight: 1 pounds
  • Manufacturer: L'Equip
  • 480 Watts Max
  • Warranty: 6 years
Breville 800jexl Juice Fountain Elite Juice Extractor

If there is any juicer that stands the test of high performance and kitchen convenience, it is the Breville 800jexl Juice Fountain Elite Juice Extractor.

It is one smart die-cast design that will add and transform your kitchen appliance pack to a new level of elegance.

For those who want to go about juicing using hard and soft ingredients, this is the juice extractor for you.

At only 1.8 F, it's a 1000-watt juicer, which generates minimal heat to your juice, so that the enzymes are safeguarded for the most of the nutrients from your juice.

Its automated overload inhibits overheating, shutting down automatically when the extractor detects any overload. This saves you the hustle of manually and physically being monitoring your juice, without moving an inch.

The juicer ensures you get high-slow speed interchangeability with its 13,000 rotation per a minute (RPM) or 6,500 RPM. This means it can extract more from your juice ingredients, giving the maximum smoother juice.

It is advisable to start with softer ingredients, before going to harder ones when juice making. This juicer's two-speed capability assists you to handle soft textured and hard textured ingredients, at a desirable flexible mix, to achieve the best extraction.

A juicer that can take in fruits and vegetables for fast blending is an efficient juicer. Whether it is your apples, peeled oranges, carrots or watermelon, the Breville 800jexl Juice Fountain Elite Juice Extractor handles it all.

It comes with a feed chute on the shredding disc, such that you can easily introduce your favorite ingredients into the juicer for the convenience of your juicing. Time saves most of your time, more especially when quick.

If you are keen on the type discs, your juice extractor has, this come with cutting blades titanium made for long sharpness.The pulp is easily extracted by its steel mesh filter basket to a large capacity pulp container.

This simply means you juice remains as smooth, as the fun of the drink commands.You don't want your juice mixing with the foam from your ingredients, its front separator and 1-liter juice jug does the clean job for you.

The safety locking arm ensures the juicer doesn't spill your contents around, by locking into place. It is easy to clean too.


  • Has high performance and efficiency
  • Elegant and durable design
  • Automated overheating control
  • Interchangeable speed control
  • Convenient feed chute
  • Safe and easy to use


  • Its warranty can cover up to 5 years, unlike other models which can go up to 15 years.
Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer

Another juicer that commands aim to perfection is the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center, masticating juicer. You are the passionate juicer maker who prefers low-speed extractors?  You finally have this machine.

Low speed should not be confused with low quality; it means slowly you can get the most of your juice. We all of us want to stay healthy.

At only 80 RPM, the speed of the juicer enables your juice quality to be retained, but at the same time controls overheating that might destroy your juice enzymes.

It further inhibits oxidation, so your juice can stay up to 72 hours without losing flavor, for a tasty serving. Don't be concerned whether your juicer will extract all from the ingredients instead of just grinding them.

It comes with a dual stage juicer that extracts all the juice to the last drop. This is why you will notice the pulp remains so dry. Turn your nuts into natural peanut butter with ease and prepare your baby food all from the natural ingredients, including extruding pasta, spices, garlic and many fresh desirable ingredients of your choice.

Your juicing expertise is likely to rise to a completely new level, because the quality of the juice this extractor makes, remains not only pleasant but also enriching in your diet.

The juice maintains its natural taste, color, and vitamins without losing anything in the process. This is a great compliment to that irresistible sip.


  • Low speed for maximum juice
  • Control oxidation for quality juice
  • Extracts juice from ingredients to last drop
  • Retains the natural taste of your juice
  • Juice extracted can last up to 72 hours for a fresh taste
  • Comes with a clear screen to check real-time mixing


  • When using frozen foods, it sticks to the sides of juicer
  • Expect some but not a lot of noise, unless a topping is done on the juicer.
Super Angel DELUXE Model with Soft Fruit Housing

This model is not just a juicer, but way beyond a juice extractor. We like appliances that can serve us well over a long period.

The Super Angel DELUXE Model with Soft Fruit Extracting Housing is one quality and strong steel body construction. It is very efficient and reliable.

Just think of a situation where, when you are making your favorite juice, you need it at the shortest period, then it jams. This can send your adrenaline over the roof.

Well, with this model, you don't need to worry about this, its anti- jamming system and reverse function, avoids such setbacks by controlling its speed automatically itself, for a smooth juicing experience.

Likewise, in case it starts overheating, you are not going to be calling your electrical appliance expert to necessarily do a fix. The juice extractor is an automatic cooling system with an automated safety sensor; that regulates any overload that might affect your juice making.

It comes with a standard housing unit enough to hold contents for the best mixing.With a pulp extractor for your clean working space plus a juice collector, this means you don't have to worry how to collect your juice while the juicing is going on.

It splash-guard prevents anyhow juice spillage for a clean job. It has a fine filter, and it is easy to clean too.When it comes to epitomized juicing, whether it is your leafy greens, nuts, vegetables, fruits, wheatgrass, herbs. This juicer is a master of all your juicing preferences.


  • Quality and strong long lasting body
  • Quicker in juice making
  • Anti-jamming system for hitch less service
  • Automated overloading control
  • Convenient juicing collection


  • Needs good space.
Hurom HU-100 Masticating Slow Juicer

Nothing prepares your juice making any better until you come across an innovative, safe appliance. The Hurom HU-100 Masticating Slow Juicer features a compact creative and intelligent body design.

The Hurom HU-100 Masticating Slow Juicer has a unique ability to strike a balance between user satisfaction and modern machine functionality, easily. At only 80 RPM, the juice extractor needs just 150 watts of your energy, and your juice making is good to go.

You will be incredibly amazed by how fast it prepares you juice. The juicer can multitask between safety and efficiency while ensuring you get the retained natural taste of your favorite juice.

From your raw fruits, greens, fruits, nuts, soybeans to broccoli, the juicer can make you that delicious and appetizing juice, marinade and food for the young ones at the shortest time, for your convenience.

You will find its cleaning a lovely experience.Just take it for a minute, having a juice extractor that alters the natural taste of your juicer. This is the last thing you need in your anticipated juice.

It solves this concern through its slow squeezing technology that allows the ultimate drain off juice from the ingredients.It also preserves the healthy nutrients like vitamins and enzymes for your dietary rejuvenation.

This implies your pulp extracted is the driest, for the most juice flavor. It doest its job silently and finishes it with a great command. It handles both soft and hard foods.


  • Creative intelligent body design
  • Slow speed for best juice extraction
  • Safe and efficient in use
  • Quicker in urgency
  • Retains natural taste of juice
  • Great pulp extraction


  • Doesn't handle big sized ingredients best
Cuisinart CJE-1000 Die-Cast Juice Extractor

This is one juice extractor that left me spoilt for choice, as much as it competes with the top best for quality user service, its versatility to a top-class brand, is unstoppable. Make juice from your comfort zone, if this is your style.

It is a high standard design, quiet to the very details of concern; this means your neighbors don't need to be necessarily notified, that you have started making your juice.

The stronger the motoring power of your juicer, the more energy is available for your juicing, to go hard on the stubborn ingredients.

Opt to go for its five-speed setting to control its rotation per minute, for a fresh extraction of your juice. who doesn't need more! An additional blue LED light helps you check on your speed too.

Unlock and lift system, assists carry your machine and go about juice making safely. To make sure that form we don't like in a glass of juice affects the juice smoothness, its filter basket is engineered specifically for this work. It is any easy to clean machine and has an exclusive anti-drip adjustable flow spout.

You have never met a more intriguing juicer feed chute until you use its 3-inch feed chute to not only make juice from your soft and hard ingredients. Fruits, vegetables, watermelon for your juice, it is exactly meant to handle them.

Accessories in our appliances tend to take things away from the ordinary, for the good of the juicing. This is why its 2-litre pulp container, ensures you don't have to annoy whoever you serve your juice, with a lowly flavored drink.

It drains the pulp to dry, making sure a freshly natural juice remains in its juice pitcher. The pulp too is discarded conveniently.


  • Versatile and user-friendly
  • Quite with powerful motor
  • Easy to clean
  • Great pulp drying


  • When handling extra-large ingredients, you will have to slice them into smaller portions.
Delonghi DJE950 Die-Cast Juice Extractor

It can be even harder to ignore this model; it is one durable stainless steel centrifugal extractor with a great motoring to ensure your juice remains appreciated by many. It is an ultimate compact design.

The functionalities are ones out of this world.Take you apples and grapes, and you expect to produce in less than a minute your juice. No more noise pollution from this extractor, thanks to its user minded motor.

If you find slicing your pears, big oranges tiresome and time-consuming, it will do this for you as you chill out, courtesy of its big feed cute.

Its blades and sieve filter ensures your juice never goes along with the pulp. Its pulp collector accolades this with an outer screen, easily removable for pulp disposal.

The interlock system of the Delonghi DJE950 Die-Cast Juice Extractor, automatically disengages power, just in case your container and juice blade are not in place. You can store your juice for later serving too.


  • Durable and compact in design
  • Less noisy
  • Saves time
  • Great pulp collector
  • Safe automated locking system


  • Accumulating pulp can send the juicer off balance if the pulp becomes too much.
Jack Lalanne's JLSS Power Juicer

Stylish and sophistication is what this juice stainless-steel electric extractor takes to a whole new level. It is very quiet thanks to its intelligently motor design, at 3,600 RPM, so your juice making doesn't necessarily need to create all that unwanted distraction.

This is why the design had you in mind.In case you find those moments that you want to do your juicing quickly to save time, this juicer is best in that.

If there is anything that we would love in any juicer, is an extra-large chute, this machine comes with around one and a food pusher. It has a non-drip spout too. That means regardless of your type of fruits, hard or soft; the job has to be done.

For pulp collection, its large-capacity collector optimizes your clean surface for disposal. If you want a fresh all natural juice from your fruits or vegetables in the quickest time.

Then you happen to be having the right juicer in the Jack Lalanne's JLSS Power Juicer. It goes the extra mile of getting you that more juice extraction.

There is nothing that becomes more interesting in a juicer that receives fruits and vegetables in whole, most of us love this because we save time and effort.

This machine relieves you all this bustle.Go ahead and achieve a delicious and nutritious juice with this incomparable juicer. The ease of cleaning will awe you.


  • Powerful but quite motor
  • Quicker and convenient for juicing preferences
  • Easy pulp collection
  • The freshest juice extraction


  • Without putting it on a stable surface, you may not achieve great stability.
BLACK+DECKER JE2200B 400-Watt Fruit and Vegetable Juice

All of us agree, a juicer that is great doesn't need to be praised. It will exhibit excellence to create satisfaction by itself. This is one of those juicers that achieves this with ease.

A powerful motor is an assurance that your juicer will be quick and never ground, with a 400-watt motor, you will do your most liked ingredients into one juice in a short time plus retain its freshness and taste.

This is a motor braced for any stubborn ingredients that may come in between you thirst for a great juice. The motor comes with an on and off switch.

Never be bothered how your pulp is going to be extracted, the juice extractor has a way above quality strainer plus added stainless steel blades, which assist pulp separation as you appetizing juice drains into the pitcher below it.

The cleaning is never easier without this juicer.Thanks to its dishwasher-safe parts, your cleaning is never mind boggling when it comes to this juicer. For safety reasons, a safety lock has been well designed for smooth juicing.


  • Powerful motor for hard juice making needs
  • Easy functionality
  • Easy pulp extraction
  • Faster effortless cleaning


  • It needs keenness for the best cleaning
Tribest SW-2000-B Slowstar Vertical Slow Cold Press Juicer

You don't deserve obvious appliances, neither do you need to spend your hard-earned money of a juice extractor that hits the mark. That is why this 200-watt juicer checks in to ensure your juicing is rolling for a complete makeover.

At 47 RPM speed, the Tribest Slowstar Vertical Slow Juicer and Mincer inhibits any oxidation that may destroy your much need enzymes in your juice. This slow speed also ensures more generated rotations suitable for hard crushing your tough ingredients.

Nutrients and vitamins will remain fresh in your sip courtesy of this juicer. No jamming will delay you juicing. The anti-jam installation prevents these annoying delays. It takes 3-times less time taken by regular juicers to prepare your juice.

You will find its juice cap helpful to stop leakages and drips in case of juice container changing. It is easy to clean that to also an additional closing cap and auger design that makes rinsing easier.


  • Slow speed for best extraction
  • Great Anti-jamming functionality
  • Easy to clean
  • Great design


  • You won't achieve the best cleaning if you are in a rush
L'Equip 306601 XL Juicer

Lastly, my research could afford to ignore the L'Equip 306601 XL Juicer. It majors an elegant design, more suitable for those who like good looking appliances but of great service.

Carry out your pulp extraction with this juicer for your fruits or vegetables, without much stress. The pulp ejection makes sure there are no blockages for easier clean up.

With this model, heathy juicing is equivalent to dietary nutritional needs. Its heavy motor comes with great power and unmatched efficiency at 11,000 RPM and 900 wattage need.

A wide moth feeding tube can swallow your oranges in whole. You can never go wrong when it comes to substantiating your kitchen appliances any more.


  • Elegant design
  • Great pulp extraction
  • Easier cleaning
  • Powerful motoring need
  • Handles all your fruit types


  • Not so good when doing frozen foods, it sticks to the sides of juicer

Final verdict

You just happen to be now more informed; you can't afford an excuse to go for a less deserved juicer next time you are out there. Getting out any of these models from the many regular brands, should throw away your frustrations once and for all.

You will never be on the wrong side with these juice extractors. Your juicing too is headed for a long-time overhaul.

We Built The List After Hours of Research!

Save time, get one of these products we recommended. These are the best of the best!