Champion Juicer 2000 G5 NG 853S Review

Are you one of those who understand why keeping your body in shape and boosting your immunity involves drinking nutritious and healthy fruit juice? You know why you need a quality juicer in your contemporary kitchen.

There are different brands of juicers in the market that you can grab even with a fixed budget, but not all of them can match the quality and technology in the famous Champion Juicer 2000 G5 NG 853S.

champion juicer g5 ng 853s

Champion Juicer series are some of the best blenders you can get in the market to kick-start your juice production and enjoy drinking quality juice every day.

In this detailed Champion Juicer 2000 G5 NG 853S review, we look closely at some of the unique features of this product, its advantages, cons, and some guidance on how to get it in the market. Read through to find out if this is the best machine you can get in the market for your juice blending needs.

Champion Juicer 2000 G5 NG 853S review

Ideally, most juice lovers resort to buying ready to drink juice from supermarkets and food stores, but this is not always the right decision. If you are looking forward to having nutritious juice that will boost your immunity and ensure you remain healthy, then you have to make it yourself.

Yes, with Champion Juicer 2000 G5 NG 853S by your side, you can blend your favorite juice and drink in the sores time possible.

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This fantastic and powerful masticating juicer suits your unique tastes and preferences. The manufacturer has made it with an ideology of a perfectionist, which makes it the most multifunctional machine you can get in your kitchen.

You can use the Champion Juicer 2000 G5 NG 853S to make baby food, prepare coconut milk, or make salsa for use at home. The ability to grind a variety of juices without causing any clog makes it stand out from the rest of the park.

It keeps the enzymes and nutrients in your food intact. With the lowest oxidation rate, you can be sure that the juice you get from this blender has all the nutrients and vitamins you are looking for in a fruit. It can crush and grind different fruits and get some quality juice extracts in the shortest time possible.

The juicer has a 26-pounds stainless steel cutting blades, which makes it the most effective for grinding. Also, the blades are rust-resistant, thereby more useful for those living in humid places.

Unlike most conventional juicers in the market, the Champion Juicer 2000 G5 NG 853S is made of the right technology to reduce your electricity consumption. It does not overheat even when used for the most extended period.

It can lower its temperature automatically when things get hotter. Also, it has a perfect design and shape, which complements other devices in your kitchen. If you are looking for quality in a machine, then this juicer should be your last resort in the market.

Here is a summary of the key features you can find on the Champion Juicer 2000 G5 NG 853S that makes it utterly exceptional in the online market:

Powerful and efficient

The Champion Juicer 2000 G5 NG 853S works like a horse to ensure you get your juice and pulp on time. It has an efficient juicing system that lets you spend the shortest time to have your fruit juice ready for drinking.

Heavy duty

If you want to make more fruit juices for your birthday party, then this juicer got your back. Champion Juicer 2000 G5 NG 853S is a heavy-duty that will outperform most of the juicers in the market. It has an inbuilt temperature regulation feature, which stops it from overheating.

It comes with an electric motor that will last longer and deliver beyond your expectations. Also, the machine works faster and is more convenient for producing more juice.


Sometimes, it can be hard to get the large fruits into your juicer without peeling them into smaller cubes. With Champion Juicer 2000 G5 NG 853S, you don’t have to worry about the size of the fruits anymore.

It is larger and can accommodate different sizes of vegetables and fruits when making your juice.

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Perfect design and shape

The manufacturer of this machine has shown us what beauty and elegance mean to a kitchen machine. The shape and design are just near perfection. It has a 1.750-inch diameter feed tube ideal for large size fruits.

Also, it comes with a 110v and 50Hz power control system that prevents overheating. The juicer covers up to 1725 rotations per second, the fastest you can get in the market. With a 540 Watt motor, you can be confident that your electricity consumption is on the watch.

For every juicer you opt for in the market, there are pros and cons you must look for before you invest your money. Here are some advantages and disadvantage of this machine to look out for:


  • Suitable for different sizes of vegetable and fruits
  • The FDA has approved and certified all the parts used in the machine
  • Has a heavy-duty motor that enables it to produce both soft and hard juice
  • Ideal for creating more fruit juice in a day
  • Easy to install and use
  • The blades are stainless steel which makes then rust-resistant and more durable
  • It comes with a manual for a guide on usage
  • It comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty which gives you some peace of mind
  • The manufacturer has used more sustainable and resilient materials to make this machine
  • You can use the juicer for different products


  • It is heavy and bulky which makes it less portable
  • Gives more rotations per minute (RMPS)
  • Has a narrow feeding tube
  • Not suitable for preparing fruit juice from leafy vegetables
  • It is noisy
  • It is faster which makes it riskier than other juicers
  • You may need to clean it often when you use large juice pieces
  • Sometimes you are forced to switch it off to remove the fruit pulp before you can continue

Buyer Guide

Overall, the Champion Juicer 2000 G5 NG 853S is an excellent choice of a juicer for any juice lover out there. It may have some drawbacks, but its pros outweigh its cons. It gives you a chance to prepare your perfect juice and maintain a healthy and immune body.

If you are looking for a machine that helps you improve your diet, then Champion Juicer 2000 G5 NG 853S should be your last resort.

The machine has all the essential features that you could be looking for in a high-end device. With a product warranty attached to it, you are sure of some peace of mind when using it for the first time. Those who’ve used this juicer will give it a positive rating for being an exceptional performer when it comes to producing fruit juice on a large scale.

You can expect less waste when using this juicer to grind different sizes of fruits. It has a higher extraction yield and grinds down all the fruits you feed it in minutes.

Champion Juicer 2000 G5 NG 853S is an ideal juicer for all types of vegetables and fruits. Its multipurpose features make it the most unique in the market.

You can count on this juicer to produce your favorite juice in just a minute, given its high speed. Also, if you intend to get a juicer that can handle frozen fruit sorbets, ice cream, purees, and nut butter, then this is the right one for you.

What may keep you from buying this juicer is the clogging effect. You will have to stop during some sessions to clean the juicer and remove all the pulp before you can continue making more fruit juice. However, clogging only results when you use larger fruit sizes on the juicer.

One more benefit of having this juicer in your contemporary kitchen is its ability to fit in your décor. Also, it is easy to assemble and disassemble. The manufacturer gives you a manual that guides you on using the juicer; thereby, you don’t need any special skills to use it as a beginner. The juicer preserves more nutrients present in the fruits because it does not oxidize your food.

Ideally, the benefits of this juicer outshine the technical setbacks that it may develop when you use it on hard fruits. The high RPM and narrow feeding tube may make it look inappropriate for on-time juice production, but if used as instructed by the manufacturer, you will enjoy having the juicer around.

Keeping the price of the juicer aside, you don’t want to forget about the unique features it offers you at such a rate. For only under $ 350, you can get this machine from Amazon and other high-end stores. Also, you can have it shipped to your doorsteps in the shortest time possible.

Wrap up

When shopping for this Champion Juicer, you must ensure it has all the specifications we have outlined in this Champion Juicer 2000 G5 NG 853S review. Notably, most Champion juicers differ slightly based on their specs, and the 1/3 horsepower and 1.75-inch spec make this juicer unique from all the other juicers in its range

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