Tribest Green Star Elite Juicer Review – GSE-5000

There are countless green appliances on the market that suit different levels of budget, though the cheapest ones aren’t always the most cost-effective. Think of a juicing machine as an investment in your wellness, radiance, and energy.

Sure, you want to squeeze up to the last ounce of fruit and vegetable goodness into your glass. But you can’t achieve this unless you have an excellently performing juicer.

We have created this  review to help you understand what makes a great juicer and how to pick the right one.

tribest green star elite juicer review

A comprehensive Tribest Green Star Elite Juicer GSE-5000 Review

This Tribest Green Star Elite Gse-5000 juicer offers you a chance to maximize the quality and yield of your fruit and vegetable juices. It is among the top-rated in the market, and for a good reason – it is equipped with features and accessories that you need to produce the highest possible quality juice, no matter you choose juice veggies or fruits. These features include;

Pocket recess and cutting

This juicing machine is equipped with revolutionary stainless steel twin-gears that have special points to effectively replicate the human mastication concept. The twin-gears have ‘teeth’ designed with pocket recesses to help process carrots and other hard veggies.

Also, this creates a sharp edge during the initial grinding process and minimizes the level of staining exerted by the juicer’s motor when producing hard juice.

Besides, the cutting points have been placed on the gears making it possible to extract high-quality juice effectively and handle sinewy veggies such as celery. You don’t have to worry about clogs or tangles.

Outstanding mastication system

Unlike most incomplete masticating juicing machines, this Tribest Green Star Elite Gse-5000 juicer is equipped with all features associated with a complete and functional mastication system.

It features a powerful design of the twin-gears system that makes it easier for the machine to exercise mastication that perfectly mimics human teeth.

The incisor-like pocket recesses are perfectly designed for slicing, the canine-like cutting points are ideal for cutting string cellulose, and the molar-designed gear teeth are created to facilitate effective crashing fruits and vegetables.

These are the three most important when it comes to producing high-quality juice without having to worry about tangling around the twin gears and jams at the pulp ejection system.

Exclusive tech

The Greenstar Elite is equipped with an exceptional magnetic and bioceramic tech that lets the juicer extract the highest possible amount of nutritional content. The magnetism creates a more focused magnetic field whose sole objective is to rearrange clusters of water to latch on to more of the essential minerals, vitamins, and other valuable nutrients and extract them into your delicious juice.

The twin-gears also have a bioceramic material that utilizes kinetic form of energy of the rotating gears to produce far-infrared. This is a particular type of wavelength at which water and nearly all other organic materials oscillate naturally.

This stabilizes the juice by slowing down the oxidation process and let the extracted juice stay a little bit longer. With this exceptional juicing machine, you can be sure to produce juice that lasts up to 72 hours in the refrigerator with a minimal level of essential nutrients.

Versatile capability

With the endless of outstanding features associated with this amazing juicer, the unprecedented versatility is in both what you can create in the kitchen and in what you can juice. This Tribest Green Star Elite Gse-5000 juicer can create exceptional recipes including sorbets, pate, nut butters, sauces, and more. Its twin gear system serves as a food process that breaks down the fruits and vegetables to produce very delicious snack or desert for an entire family.

The pressure adjustment mechanism

This juicer lets you to easily adjust the amount of pressure required for pulp ejection. This way, your machine can effectively handle a broad range of produce with getting clogged or jamming.

Various veggies and fruits require varying levels of pressure within the juicing chamber to process and eject the pulp efficiently. Remember, you can make these adjustments without pausing the juice processing process. Thus, you can conveniently use a wide range of produce in a single session.


  • Compared to earlier juicer models, this Tribest Green Star Elite Gse-5000 juicer’s twin gear has more extracting power.
  • Exceptional performance based on user feedback.
  • The juicer is made of high-quality materials and thus, it’s very durable.
  • It’s equipped with outstanding features, making it more versatile.
  • It is a great value for the buyer’s money.


  • It is challenging to assemble and disassemble
  • It’s difficult to clean

Buying Guide For Green Star Elite Juicer

Think of buying a juicer as an investment in your overall wellness. So, you must make everything you spent count. Take the time to analyze various juicer models and choose the right one. Here are some of the factors you must consider.

Is the juicer easy to use?

This Tribest Green Star Elite Gse-5000 juicer comes with a glass collector pitcher and not a plastic bowl, and this is a nice touch. While it can be a little bit challenging to disassemble and reassemble the product in the first day, with time you will find it easy to use the juicer.

Keep in mind that the set twin gears should be handled carefully to prevent damage especially when trying to operate them.

To streamline the entire juicing process, it’s best to prepare your produce long before you begin the process. You’re supposed to cut up all larger fruits such as apples to ensure that they perfectly fit in the feed chute.

Unlike all single-gear masticating juicing machines, you don’t need chop celery. This Tribest Green Star Elite Gse-5000 juicer’s twin-gear system can easily cut up celery without jamming.

Is the juicer easy to clean?

When buying a juicer, it is important that you think about how easy or challenging it is to get the product cleaned. Based on user feedback and the instructions issued by the Tribest Green Star Elite Gse-5000 juicer’s manufacturer, it is easy to keep this juicer clean. Its parts are dishwasher-safe and you can run them the dishwasher’s top rack safely.

It is recommended to wash the individual parts of the juicer using hot, soapy water. It will take you less than 5 minutes to disassemble the juicer and clean the individual parts by hand. The product comes with two brushes intended to help you clean all the components effectively.

Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding assembling, use, and cleaning the juicer. This way, you can be sure the product will last long.

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Juice quality

This Tribest Green Star Elite Gse-5000 juicer is powerful and uses a twin-gear system to crush, mix, and press high-quality juice. It is known for its outstanding ability to extract high-quality juice, expel dry pulp, and squeeze every last drop of juice. The machine extracts a higher content of vitamins, antioxidants, and enzymes compared to most juicers out there.

Besides, all essential nutrients undergo minimal damage during the extraction process. This reduces instances of oxidation, and this means your juice can last for about 72 hours in a fridge with minimal loss of essential nutrients.

Other non-juicing functions

Tribest Green Star Elite Gse-5000 juicer can also serve as a homogenizer or pasta maker as this model is equipped with attachments that you need to make pasta. Thus, you no longer need to buy other accessories.

Generally, the complimentary homogenizing blank turns this juicer into a basic food processing piece of equipment for making nut butter, frozen fruit desserts, baby food, and more.

Note that you can make almond milk and soy using the same blank screen too. And with the effective pasta attachments, you can choose to make round or flat noodle with it though you will have to prepare the dough first.

The juicer also comes with a breadstick preparation attachments if you plan to snack on high card breadsticks. You shouldn’t do this if you are on a quest to shed off a few pounds or on a diet.

Other important considerations

This Tribest Green Star Elite Gse-5000 juicer can handle a broad variety of both soft and hard produce including citrus fruits, nuts, beans, and more.

Some of the hard produce include pineapple, beets, asparagus, cilantro, apple, watermelon, pumpkin, potato, cucumber, yakon, carrots, ginger, turmeric coconut, cauliflower, fennel, bitter ground, and more.

Common leafy greens that can be easily handled by this juicer include beet greens, cabbage, wheatgrass, lettuce, collard greens, kale, pine tree needles, peppermint, spring onion, spinach, dandelion greens, brussels sprout, moringa, and more.

Wrap up

It is absolutely imperative that you analyze the juicer’s performance in addition to its price. Despite the high cost of Tribest Green Star Elite Gse-5000 juicer, the long term benefits of buying it outweigh the costs.

We hope this Tribest Green Star Elite juicer review and buying guide will help you analyze the different features associated with the juicer and make the right purchase decision.

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