Best Power Juicers – Guide & Reviews

Making juice from fruits and vegetables is considered staying healthy. Imagine waking up every morning to a nice glass of fresh juice that you, yourself has made.

Don't say that juices are so sugary, well not all of them.I got a juicer as a gift from a friend and didn't know what to do with it.

I set to try it out, and I was so impressed with how much fun it turned out to be. Every drink I made, be it from a fruit or a vegetable, it was fresh and made me feel awesome.

In this article, am going to take you through the best power juicers available in the market and show you a few steps or factors on how to buy these fantastic products.

Factors To Consider : Best Power Juicers

Type of Juicer; the type of juicer you want to buy will depend on the functions it is going to serve. Either for home blending purposes or commercial.

If it is for home, I would advise you to go a simple juicer that has moderate motor power so as to save on energy.

Whereas for commercial purposes, just pick a reliable and good juicer that will be extremely effective towards achieving your goals.


A great juicer is that one that is excellently convenient. From the above best power juicers, no power juicer is below the convenience grid.

So when I insist on getting a convenient juicer, don't say that am just blabbing. You deserve an awesome juicer.

Juicer Brands

There are many reputable juicer brands. They all produce incredible products that are trending on the market right now. You there could be a well-known brand but it delivers poor quality juicers.

I suggest you stick to a reliable and familiar brand, that will enable you to feel safe about the juicer and avoid regrets.

Motor Power

I suggest that you get a juicer with an advanced and powerful motor. It will guarantee you durability and efficiency. The motor is the brain of the juicer. In short, it's what makes the juicer tick.

So, don't be blinded and go for a second blender that had a worn out motor just because it's cheaper instead of having a brand new and original motor that is ready to take your requests head on.


Power juicers tend to be quite costly but, they reciprocate their value for your money. The prices of the best power juicers are unbelievably amicable and consistent.

You can purchase it whenever you are comfortable. I suggest you invest into a worthy juicer that will improve your health instead of one that will depreciate you.

Recommended Best Power Juicers

Jack Lalanne'sJLSS Deluxe Stainless-Steel Juicer

Being number one best selling electric juicer, Jack Lalanne's JLSS power juicer deluxe stainless steel electric juicer is a high-quality juicer. Its performance is incomparable. It is sleek and attractive.

If you are seeking to sustain your nutrient intake level with juice, then make juice with JLSS. It has the following features; it is crafted from a super stainless steel.

Its main function is to produce fresh juice in a blink of an eye and fast. It features an extra large chute and food pusher to allow you to pour juice effortlessly after the juicing process is done.

The Jack Lalanne's JLSS power juicer deluxe stainless steel electric juicer works quietly unlike other blenders that make a lot of noise.

Its induction motor performs incredibly high together with the surgical stainless blades which thrust through those fruits and vegetables like it is their last time cutting something.

I guarantee you that you will be at peace buying the Jack Lalanne's JLSS power juicer deluxe stainless steel electric juicer because it comes with a beautiful warranty.

To top it all, the amazing kitchen appliance comes with a large-capacity pulp collector to allow collection of fruit leftovers. The parts are also easily removable and machine washable.


  • Has a limited warranty
  •  Makes irresistibly delicious juice
  •  Has a nondrip spout
  • Parts are safely removable for cleaning
  • The parts can be machine washed
  • Crafted from high-quality steel
  • The juicer is durable


  • Uses a lot of electricity
Brentwood JC-500 Stainless Steel Power Juice

The Brentwood JC-500 800W Stainless Steel Power Juice Extractor is another impressively advanced best power juicer I have come across.

This juicer will make your kitchen a place that you will always want to be.Make your Margarida delicious and spicy by incorporating some blended juice.

The Brentwood JC-500 800W Stainless Steel Power Juice Extractor has the following infatuating features.

The juice extractor now works with an inherently advanced extraction technology that allows you to make that fruit cocktail very fast.

Do you know, this is the only juice extractor with a safety lock feature? The safety lock will prevent your juice to be spilled all over during extraction.

The bentwood also bears highly powerful and stainless steel blades that will chop those fruits and veggies like never before.

I mentioned earlier that you would make your juice very easily, this is possible because the blender has a two-speed control system.

The amicable body of the bentwood is constructed from stainless steel to be sleek, durable and sturdy.

Being able to slide out the pulp after collecting it is another way this juicer will sweep you off your feet.


  • Advanced extraction technology
  • Strong steel body
  • Sharp steel blades
  • Features a safety lock
  • High speed juicing
  • Easy to control the juicing speed
  • Slide out pulp container


  • Utilizes electric power
  • It can blend a lot of things
  • It could be hazardous to kids and pets

Jack LaLanneJLPJB Power Juicer Juicing Machine

Jack LaLanne JLPJB power juicer is the ultimate symbol of originality when it comes to juicing machines.

With this powerful baby, you are guaranteed always to wake up to a strong and healthy smoothie every beautiful morning.

The best juicing machine is a classic electric appliance that is used and has been endorsed by the legendary fitness guru Jack Lalanne.

Let us go through some of its fabulous features; who wouldn't want a juicer that has a special patent juice extraction technology! This means your morning glass of juice will be ready in any minute!

And the extra-large round feeder will allow you to staff in big chunks of fruits and vegetables and after juicing the super big pulp collector works its magic.

An uncommon juicer that will give a free juicing recipe guide with a guarantee built in safety features. The motor is powerful to last a lifetime besides working silently.

The Jack LaLanne's juicer has incredibly stainless steel blades to chop those fruits into very tiny delicious pieces.

To top it all, Jack LaLanne JLPJB Power Juicer Juicing Machine has safely removable parts for easy machine washing.


  • Powerful motor
  • Removable parts for easy washing
  • The parts can be washed in a dishwasher
  • Comes with a bonus juicing recipe
  • Approved by a reputable brand
  •  Extra efficient juice extraction technology
  • Works quietly


  • You need an instruction booklet to use it the first time
  • Uses electrical energy.
VonShef Professional Powerful Wide Mouth

I like juicers that squeeze maximally any fruit or vegetable that I staff in. I love my juice perfectly made and my soups to be yummy.

So, what another way could you also achieve these mouth watering facts? Yes, you guessed it right.

It is only by getting the VonShef professional, powerful wide mouth whole fruit juicing machine.

Aside from complementing your kitchen good style, it features the following; a high-quality stainless steel finish that renders the juicer a sleek contemporary design.

This is the feature that will enhance the look of any modern and classy kitchen. The pulp container collects pulp and will allow you to detach, empty and clean it easily.

Being the best power juicer, VonShef professional, powerful wide mouth whole fruit juicing machine will give you fast and efficient juicing and is great for many types of fruits and vegetables.

The powerful motor operates with 0% noise and can last a lifetime. The cool steel blades mashes and squeezes juice at a very high speed, it will allow you to save time and rush for work or any other business.

This kitchen pal can shred any size of fruit be it soft or hard. It has a large chute to process these fruits and vegetables without you cutting the.


  • Voted by the great British food magazine
  •  Helps accelerate your health
  • A unique blending unit
  • Very powerful motor
  • Detachable pulp collector
  • Offers convenient juicing
  • Works fast to save time


  • Uses lots of energy as it does not necessarily require pre-cutting
BELLA 13694 High Power Juice Extractor

Watch out other juicer makers; there is a brand new juicer in town. Yes, the Bella 13694 high power juice extractor. If you love powerful electronics, you will love Bella 13694 high power juice extractor.

It features a powerful 1000 watt, double speed motor that is the mastermind behind the incredible extraction.

With this juicer, all you will need to do is wash your fruits but the cutting, leave for the juicer at it has a wide feed tube that accommodates full vegetables and fruits.

A detachable pulp container is another amazing feature. Being detachable makes it easy to empty and clean.

A micro mesh also comes in handy to ensure you get a filtered glass full of flavor every time you crave.

To make your life all easier, the juicer comes when pre-assembled with a combined manual and recipe.

To top it all, the Bella 13694 high power juice extractor is a Highly Powerful Juicer that provides an easy way to get the nutrients you need every day. The fast, powerful blade system extracts fresh and healthy juice


  • Comes with a manual and a variety of recipes
  • Wider feed tube
  • Top notch streamlined body
  • Powerful motor
  • BPA free juicer
  • Easy to operate and clean


  • May be hazardous to infants and pets

Final Verdict

Make yourself a preservative free drink that is delicious at any moment. You will never go wrong with the best power juicer. They are original juicers made with super powerful motors.

The technology used to construct the best power juicers is modern and highly advanced to complement any classy modern kitchen at low prices.

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